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West Orange family law attorneys handle negotiations and litigation

If the time has come to consider a divorce, the Law Offices of Margaret Padovano offers strong, compassionate advocacy. From our office in West Orange, we safeguard the rights of clients throughout North Jersey so that they can emerge from the marriage dissolution process with a solid foundation for the future. With more than 30 years of experience in this practice area, attorney Margaret E. Padovano, Esq. understands that consulting a lawyer about ending a marriage can be very stressful. That’s why at every stage of the divorce process, our firm works to relieve the anxiety associated with this difficult life change. From the initial consultation to the litigation itself and the resolution of any post-judgment issues, we will provide effective, decisive legal support for you and your children.

Responsive advisers give divorcing spouses the support they need

Based on years of experience, we know that a contested divorce can take months from the initial petition to the final judgment. Though ending a marriage places an emotional and financial strain on everyone involved, understanding the law and how it applies to you will lessen your burden. You can count on receiving personal attention and answers to questions or concerns on issues such as:

  • Filing and grounds — New Jersey dissolves marriages on a no-fault basis and on traditional fault grounds including adultery, extreme cruelty and abandonment. For the many couples who choose not to allege marital misconduct, they can file for divorce based on irreconcilable differences or an 18-month uninterrupted separation between the parties. We’ll examine your circumstances and advise you on what might work best.
  • Division of marital assets — If the spouses can’t agree on a resolution, property that is accumulated during a marriage is divided based on the state’s equitable distribution statute. Courts look at numerous factors to determine a fair allocation, although that allocation need not be equal, so one party could be awarded a much larger share than the other. Accordingly, it is crucial to have an experienced divorce litigator on your side to press for a fair division.
  • Alimony — Revisions to New Jersey’s alimony law over the past few years have altered the framework by which spousal support is granted. For example, permanent alimony no longer exists, and open duration alimony (which might last a lifetime) is only available for marriages that lasted at least 20 years. Whether you’re seeking payments or are being asked to provide them, we’ll assert your rights during mediation or in court.
  • Modification and enforcement of orders — Few things in life are permanent, and that often includes a divorce order. In situations where justice compels a revision to existing terms or where court intervention is required to enforce a previously entered order, our firm litigates post-judgment motions on a full range of family law matters.

Whether your divorce is bitter or amicable, our goal is to resolve disagreements as expeditiously as possible and keep the process moving forward while protecting our clients’ interests.

Dedicated advocates work toward fair child custody and support orders

Reaching consensus on legal and physical custody arrangements usually gives parents and children the best opportunity to overcome a difficult time and maintain meaningful bonds. By working closely with each client and learning about the specific needs of their sons and daughters, our firm can craft detailed parenting time plans that not only address visitation periods but also holiday and transportation terms. If you and your co-parent can’t agree on these terms, we are strong advocates for a court decision that reflects the child’s best interests. Though child support is usually based on a formula, questions about the accuracy of income information, higher education costs and other matters can lead to sharp disagreements among parents. We look at the amount of time your child will spend in each home, each parent’s income, and your child’s healthcare costs to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay or receive. Our firm also represents parents during modification and enforcement actions.

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The Law Offices of Margaret Padovano advises North Jersey clients who are going through a divorce and delivers comprehensive support for dissolution proceedings, custody actions and post-judgment relief.  Please call 862-233-2766 or contact us online to schedule a meeting at our West Orange office.

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