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Obtaining Spousal Support

New Jersey Divorce and Alimony Lawyer

Judges in New Jersey have wide latitude in determining whether spousal support is awarded and for how long. This makes it important to have an attorney who understands the factors that are used to calculate alimony.

Attorney Margaret E. Padovano has been practicing family law for over 30 years. She has the knowledge needed to develop and respond to alimony issues effectively. Her West Orange, New Jersey law firm is devoted exclusively to divorce and family law.

Criteria in determining alimony

There are numerous statutory criteria which the court considers when determining alimony. These include the length of marriage, current incomes, future earning capacity, size of the marital estate and the age of the parties, among other factors. The statutory criteria notwithstanding, there are few issues in family law as difficult as alimony, both from the standpoint of a reasonable amount and a fair duration. Whether you are the person who will receive alimony or the one who will  pay it, your interests can best be served by skillful and experienced representation.

Ms. Padovano has represented many individuals on both sides of the equation, and possesses the skill and tenacity necessary to arrive at a fair award, and to achieve the result through negotiation if possible, or litigation if necessary.

Attorney Padovano can also represent your interests in post-judgement enforcement and modification of spousal support. For any issue related to alimony, call her West Orange office at (973) 731-8405.

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