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Child Support

Establishing full and fair child support

Parents have a legal obligation to provide financially for the welfare of their children, whether or not they are married, divorced or never married. New Jersey lawyer Margaret E. Padovano works to insure that the parent of primary residence (PPR) receives adequate child support to cover expenses for food, shelter, clothing, day care and health insurance.

Based in West Orange, New Jersey, Attorney Padovano represents clients in all family law issues. Determining a support amount that is fair and in the best interests of the child requires full disclosure of income and assets. Whether representing the parent of primary residence or the parent of alternate residence, Ms. Padovano obtains any and all data necessary to establish and enforce a reasonable and adequate level of support so that the children of the marriage or the relationship can enjoy the standard of living which existed prior to the breakdown of the relationship.

Initial determination of child support

The amount of child support is calculated using statutory guidelines. The initial calculations are based on the number of children and the ratio of parental incomes. It may vary if a child has special medical or educational needs, or if the supporting parent has children from a previous relationship.

What is not so simple is establishing true income. If the paying parent is under-reporting income, his or her monthly obligations will be unfairly low. The law firm’s role is to make sure the court has accurate information. Conversely, the parent of primary residence may be underemployed or understating income.

The most common problem is a non-residential parent who is self-employed or paid in cash; this makes it easier for him or her to hide or understate income. Attorney Padovano uses forensic accountants, subpoenas of bank records and other resources to make sure that income from all sources is part of the child support calculation.

Enforcement or modification of child support

If a parent is not paying court-ordered support, or a significant life change for either party requires higher or lower support payments, Ms. Padovano can help. To discuss the initial calculation or modification of child support, contact the West Orange, New Jersey office of attorney Margaret E. Padovano. Learn how she can use her experience and knowledge to arrive at fair child support arrangements.

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