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Civil Union Legal Issues

Legal Representation for Same-Sex Union

Property agreements and Dissolution in New Jersey Civil Unions

The New Jersey legislature has enacted civil union legislation. This new status affords same-sex couples most of the rights and obligations of a marriage, including:

  • Division of property
  • Inheritance rights and medical benefits
  • Medical decisions on behalf of a partner
  • Child custody and visitation
  • The obligation of child support

Because the law is new and largely untested, it is critical that the language of the agreement be drafted by an experienced family law attorney. Attorney Margaret E. Padovano offers 30 years of experience in matrimonial and family law. Contact the Law Offices of Margaret E. Padovano to discuss any issue related to civil unions in New Jersey.

Civil union property agreements

If your relationship ends, division of assets may be handled differently from the process used in a divorce. To avoid litigation, many gay and lesbian couples draft a property settlement agreement to address property distribution. The agreement identifies separate property brought to the civil union and spells out how jointly acquired assets will be divided. When properly drafted, civil union property settlement agreements should be as enforceable as any legally sufficient prenuptial agreement. Taking this step is a prudent way to protect yourself and your partner.

Contact Ms. Padovano at her West Orange, New Jersey office to discuss any legal issue related to a civil union.

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